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November 2017




It is with great sadness that I must report that our longtime organist and church administrator, Nancy Siroin, passed away.  For most of the spring and summer Nancy had been battling pancreatic cancer and waged a courageous fight against this most deadly disease.  Early on Friday morning, October 13th she succumbed to the disease and passed away peacefully to her eternal home.  She shall be truly missed.  Her music was a major contribution to the services here at Community Presbyterian.  A service of memorial to her life, her faith, and her music too place here on Saturday, October 21st with a large turnout from family, friends, and the church.  The service provided not only a testimony to her life, but also her music which was a major element of her life. K Indeed, two pieced  duets, with which we have become most familiar because of Nancy, were played )by her via CD recording_ as a part of the service.  We shall miss her very much, but retain wonderful memories of her many years with this church.  Be at peace and rest with the Lord, Nancy!


Other changes have been occurring at the church as well.  These, however, are changers we have come to expect year after year.  Our “snowbirds are slowly, but surely, making their way to warmer climate in the south and southwest.  We shall miss them, for a time, as they leave – a part of the autumn change up here in the Northwoods.  We, of course, keep in touch and look forward to their return next spring.


The weather has been a bit unusual this fall.  A couple weeks ago Carolyn and I took a ride around Vilas County as we do every so often, to take a look at the leaf color changes.  It was a route we have taken several times, but this time the color was very pretty but not as profound as in the past.  Then, we had a warm spell and things slowed down considerably,  But in the last couple of weeks things changed substantially.  It seems as if God has taken a paint brush to the trees with all the yellows, oranges, browns, greens, reds, etc.  We have to ride down Route 47 to Minocqua and take it all in.  We hope it lasts awhile.  It is a magnificent experience which lifts the heart and soul – a much needed experience in this world of prejudice, hate, and fear surrounding us.  We need to look and listen hard to the gospel message of love to overcome this negative phenomena.  And ever little word or deed or experience is vitally important here!!


The year 2017 has been a reasonable successful year in the life of our church.  We have continued to meet our mission goals and have made an impact on the life’s of many people, most of whom we do not know.  But that is one of the ways we spread the gospel message.  Another has been in the local service many of our members share in the Lakeland Pantry, Caritas, and others.  We continue to support students in their educational pursuits, the rule results of which we may never see.  Nevertheless, we are confident that they shall pass our generosity forward in many ways.  These are some of the visible ways we share the message of love so central to the gospel.  And while we have lost some dear friends over the past two years, we have been blessed with the addition of some new attendees and members of our community of faith, who have stepped in to aid us in this work of support, grace, and love.


This year we have also done considerable work on the buildings and various other mechanisms which have required repair, e.g. new roofing, replacement of two furnaces, the cleaning and repair of our organ and the replacement of our sound system.  Fortunately, we have been preparing for this over the years, our equipment has served us well for more than 20 years,  but it has hit our Capital Fund significantly.  If you have a mind to and are able to do so, any gift toward the replacement of these well spent funds would be appreciated.


We are getting ready not to more into another Christian year with the coming of Advent at the beginning of December, culminating in the celebration of the birth of Jesus, the Christ.  These remembrances and celebrations serve to renew our faith, our spirits, and our commitment to sharing the gospel of God's love with all people, especially in these days when it is desperately needed.


Let me close with a little piece of mine, which I believe catches with a bit of humor, the mood of the contemporary situation and how Jesus might respond.  I think it is a reminder to all of us of the e responsibilities we have a s people of faith, as people of God, as people who have experienced love and who need to share that love  I simply call it “The Lesson”:


The Jesus took His disciples up to the mountain and gathering around Him, He taught them saying:

1.       Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

2.       Blessed are the meek.

3.       Blessed are they that mourn.

4.       Blessed are they who search for justice.

5.       Blessed are you when you are persecuted.

6.       Blessed relationships you who suffer.

7.       Be glad and rejoice, for your rewards are great  in heaven.

Then Simon Peter said:  Do we have to write this down?”

And Andrew asked: “Are we supposed to know this?”

And James inquired: “Will we have a test on this?”

And Bartholomew asked: “Do we have to turn this in?”

And John said: “The other disciples didn’t have to learn this.”

Then Matthew asked: “Can I go to the restroom?”

And Judas inquired: “What does this have to do with real life?”


Then one of the Pharisees who was present asked to see Jesus’ lesson plan and inquired of Jesus:  “What was Your anticipatory set and where do You have Your objectives for the cognitive domain?”




As one of my old seminary professors used to say, “I hope you will read, mark and inwardly digest this!!”


That’s all for now.  Have a wonderful November and I shall see you again in December.


And for now, as always,

Pax et Caritas,

Bill Anderson



Session Notes from Oct. 13, 2017


The Session of CPC met in regularly scheduled meeting on Friday, Oct. 13, and was greeted by Dr. Anderson with the sad news of Elder Siroin’s passing.  Her death had been expected, and several asked about her funeral service which Dr. Anderson indicated would be soon, probably within a week.


The Session then reviewed and approved both the previous meeting minutes (Sept. 8) and the Annual Congregational Meeting Minutes (Aug. 27) which are on file for any congregational member’s view.


Dr. Anderson’s monthly report consisted of three major components: His desire to be gone the first Sunday in November to travel to their children’s home in South Carolina for Mrs. Anderson’s 80th birthday on November 6th.  He has already arranged for the Rev. Irv Teichmiller to fill the pulpit and serve communion.


He also indicated interest in a possible all church Christmas Brunch on the second Sunday in December at the worship service to replace the Christmas Brunch that has been hosted by the Anderson’s up until now.  After some discussion, it was decided that PW will sponsor the luncheon with a free-will offering and the Session to make up the difference in cost.  PW will bring plans for the brunch to the November meeting.


CPC has received a check from the Presbytery in the amount of $5,600 in response to a letter from CPC treasurer Gary Beier questioning some mission giving to entities no longer in existence.  Dr. Anderson’s suggestion: place the $5,600 in the checking account and begin fresh with the Missions budget at the beginning of the year.  CPC has also collected more than $3,255 last month for the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Fund for hurricane victims.


Dr. Anderson then noted that he has appointed a special Session subcommittee for budget oversight to work on a weekly basis with the treasurer and himself consisting of Elder Raduege, chairman of Budget & Finance committee, Elder Fabroni, incoming chairman of Mission committee, and Elder Gelwicks, chairman of Building & Grounds committee.


Elder DiCristina has been appointed to fill the remaining one-year on Elder Siroin’s term with the understanding of Nomination Committee approval.  And Mary Jane Stevens will continue as assistant secretary with Personnel Committee review at the end of the year.

The next schedule session meeting is November 10 at 10am.


Coffee Hour Hosts


Coffee hour hosts for October 1 were the Hettingas, for Oct. 8 was Shirley Gallagher, for Oct. 15 were Bette and Edie, for Oct. 22 were Mary Jane Hettinga and Carol Gelwick.



November Birthdays and Anniversaries


Carolyn Anderson        Nov. 6

Ginny Stiles                 Nov. 9

Barb Metz                    Nov. 14

Jillanne Consie              Nov. 16


Dennis and Marge Tibstra     Nov. 7

Richard and Helen Day         Nov. 24



Food for Kidz


On Saturday morning, October 28th, sixteen CPC members and friends participated in packaging meals for hungry children locally and around the world.  The church sponsored a table for the event and this group plus other volunteers from the community worked to package meals over 2 shifts: 8-10am and 10-12noon.


There were 30 packaging tables with 10 people at each working to accomplish a goal of 175,000 meals.  CPC members can be proud of their participation in this very significant mission.  The LDF Lions Club and Food for Kidz sincerely thank you and the church for participation in this very successful event.

November Scripture Readings

November 5, 2017

Communion Sunday

31st Sunday in Ordinary Time

Josh. 3:7-17; Ps. 107: 1-7, 33-37; I Thess. 2:9-13; Matt. 23:1-12


November 12, 2017

32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Josh. 24: 1-3a, 14-25; Ps. 78:1-7; I Thess. 4:13-18; Matt. 25: 1-13


November 19, 2017

33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Judges 4:1-7; Ps. 123; I Thess. 5:1-11; Matt. 25: 14-30


November 26, 2017

Christ the King/Reign of Christ

Ezek. 34:11-16, 20-24; Ps. 100; Eph. 1:15-23; Matt. 25:31-46


These readings are suggested by the Presbyterian Planning Calendar and may be changed depending on the topic of the sermon.  Liturgists will be called each week to tell them what the reading will be.


Liturgists for the month:  November 5fth will be Tom Gelwicks; Nov. 12th will be Sam Shugar.  Please sign up for the month if you are able and going to be here.


Ushers for the month will be Jill Consie and Grant Birmingham on November 5th.  The rest of the month is open.  Here again we need people to sign up if they are able and going to be here.  The sign-up sheets are in the fellowship hall.  Please add your name!



2017 Fall Highway D Cleanup


Now with snow in the air, it’s comfortable to look back on CPC’s Highway D fall cleanup on October 10th.  It was a very nice day for walking the ditches.  Thanks to Grant Callow, Bob Clarke, Tom and Carol Gelwicks, Rick and Ruthann Kamerad, Owen Karlmann, Ralph Kerler, Jack Miller, Bob Schneider, and Ron Wilke for allowing us to enjoy our beautiful highway views.  Several others volunteered to pick up later if they were needed.  We work with Vilas County who provides empty bags and picks up the full ones.  See you next spring for another shot at the ditches.



A Wake-Up Call


The Good God permits such small evils to befall us merely in order to arouse us snorers from our deep sleep and to make us recognize, on the other hand, the incomparable and innumerable benefits we still have.


With [our misfortunes] God gives us a light by which we may see and understand His goodness and kindness in countless other ways.  Then we conclude that such small misfortunes are barely a drop of water on a big fire or a little spark in the ocean.  Then we understand and love the words “O give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, His steadfast love endures forever!”


Martin Luther


As people of God and servants of our Lord Jesus Christ, we believe our mission to be the building of a strong fellowship, ministering to the spiritual and physical needs of the church, the community, and the world, fulfilling our Lord’s command to “love our neighbors”.





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